Greyhound Friends of NC (adoptions)
Greyhound Fashions (collars, coats, etc.)

Monty's Home

NC Rescue League
(toy breeds only)


Noble German Shepherd Rescue

Protective Avin Rescue Rehabilitation
Orientation & Training

Peeks Rescue (Wilmington)


Debby MacDonald

Heather McDougal

Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas
910.264.8300 or 910.431.2562

Shih Tzu and Fur Babies
Vicki Dugan (GA) 678.313.4271


Blind Cat Rescue

Cairn Terrier Rescue (of NJ) Maureen Haight
 (Has fosters in NC & SC)

Cape Fear Golden Retriever Rescue

Cape Fear Rescue Rangers 910.233.8102

Cape Fear House Rabbit Society Wilmington NC  910.798.0103

Will close 7/12 -- Reroute to

Carolina Basset Hound Rescue
(Charleston, SC)

Carolina Boxer Rescue 910.799.5638
Carolina Miniature Pinchers


Carolina Poodle Rescue 864.580.0639

Dalmations Carolina Dal Pals

Dook-N-Dance Ferret Shelter 910.353.0652

English Springer Spaniel Christy Judah, Holden Beach, NC  910.842.7942; 910.367.3330
NC & SC Rescue Coordinator:  Pamela Civile

Great Dane

MidAtlantic Great Dane Rescue

Brunswick County Sheriff's Animal Protective Services 910.754.8204;

Columbus County Animal Control (Whiteville, NC) 910.641.3945;

 Humane Society of the Grand Strand (SC) 3251 10th Ave N Extension 843.918.4910

Humane Society of N. Myrtle Beach (SC) 843.249.4948;

Humane Society of Topsail Beach; (Hampstead, NC) 910.270.2660

New Hanover Humane Society (Wilmington,NC) 910.763.6692;

Myrtle Beach (SC) Animal Control takes animals to:  The Grand Strand Humane Society
3251 10th Ave N Extension;  843.918.4910;

New Hanover County (Wilmington, NC) Animal Control Services 910.798.7500; 
(click on Agencies/Depts, then click on Public Safety.)

Pender County Animal Control (Burgaw, NC) 910.259.1349 or 910.279.3196 (leave msg);

Adopting and Finding Homes

Maddies Fund
Searchable database of Comparative Shelter Statistics (400 organizations!)

Mutt Cats (SC)
Searchable database of Shelters by State and National Breed Rescue Groups

NetPets of Myrtle Beach, SC, has a comprehensive directory of dog rescue groups that's easy to use.

Pet Harbor
Searchable Adoption Database including lost/found pets

Pet Guardian Angels of America
Searchable database of rescue groups and much more information.

Searchable Adoption Database

Searchable Adoption Database
(& Lost Pets listings)

The Franklin County SPCA has created an ON-LINE directory of shelters and rescue groups.
(Click on Shelters & Rescues)

Shelter Rescue Network
Searchable database of shelters and breeds of cats, dogs, and other animals in over 150 Countries

Columbus Humane Society
(Whiteville, NC) 910.640.3700

Furever Friends
c/o Capeside Animal Hospital
(Leland, NC) 910.383.2100

Rescuing Animals Community Effort (RACE)
(Shallotte, NC) 910.547.2839

Southport Oak Island Rescue
(Southport, NC) 910.457.6340
Note : Zeetlegoos Pet & People Store hosts adoptions for SOAR every month

Adopt A Pet (Redondo Beach, CA)

Site also features a link to "find a shelter" that pulls up listings by Zip Code by specific type of pet.

A Shelter Friend (Elizabethtown, NC)

Adopt An Angel (Wilmington, NC)

Compassion in Action
(Wilmington, NC) 910.264.5455

Paws Place (Winnabow, NC) 910.845.7297;

Sunburst Foundation of Wilmington (Wilmington, NC) 910.622.0011 

  Tails U Win (Oak Island NC) (Fostered pets only) 910.250.3004 

No-Kill Sources

Kill- and
Low-Kill Sources

State and National

Breed Rescue
 and Other Groups

Cat Adoption Team (Wilmington) 910.792.9014;
See some of their adoptable pets at PetSmart (Wilmington, NC) 7 days a week!

Cat Tails (Ocean Isle Beach)  910.253.1375 or 910.575.4529;  See some of their adoptable pets at
PetSmart (Wilmington, NC) every Friday & Saturday.

Joymakers (Sunset Beach, NC)  910.579.5862

Operation Top Cat (Sneads Ferry, NC) 910.200.0612  

  The Purrfect Adoption
(Surfside City, NC) 910.329.4700

To read about or adopt Goldie, click link below:

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter...the cast-offs of human society.
I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and
dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry! "God," I said, "This is terrible!

Why don't you do something?"
God was silent for a moment
and then He spoke softly.
" I have done something," He replied. "I created You!" 

Author Jim Willis 1999 "Pieces of My Heart: The Animals' Savior."

We do not operate a shelter; but, in the course of our mission, we occasionally rescue wonderful dogs and cats who are fostered in loving homes by caring people. To see our deserving and friendly adoptable pets, go to

Below are some area shelters you can contact to adopt a pet or, in some cases, they will take friendly animals and adopt them out for you. There are also some online searchable databases that may be helpful.

Meanwhile, if you're local to eastern North Carolina or nearby, you can also use these sources:


Feral Cat Shelters

There are no "feral cat shelters" in the conventional sense of shelters. Feral cats are not adoptable and are NOT suited to live in a shelter or in human homes. They are, however, well-suited to living outdoors in their wild homes where they have established their territory and know where to get food and shelter.

The best option: sterilize and vaccinate feral cats, and leave them alone. Feral kittens, however, can be removed from the colony and socialized for adoption if that is desirable (for info on feral cats and socializing feral kittens, click HERE).  (Note: Wilmington residents can contact The Ruffian Foundation regarding relocating ferals that are in danger of losing their wild homes due to modern progress.)

Just for Cats

Just for Dogs

CAUTION: We advise  NOT to advertise your pet as FREE TO GOOD HOME! Charging a nominal fee, like $20 or $30, will help prevent Class B Dealers from getting your pet and selling it to a reseach facility! (Yes, this is REAL and DOES happen all the time. Dealers prefer the "free" animals because paying for them cuts into their profit.) Charging a nominal fee also helps prevent would-be animal abusers from getting your pet. Legitimate pet owners will not have a problem paying a minimal pet adoption fee!

Ms. Grey


PawPrints Magazine lists local shelters you can call about taking your pet. You can also purchase an ad in the magaine. PawPrints gets a lot of local exposure. Click the cat to view magazine online or to contact them.

Petfinder is a national resource that allows you access to thousands of adoptable pets anywhere in the US and/or to advertise your social pet for FREE under the "classifieds" tab. Petfinder gets lots of exposure for pets in need...just click the dog to access their database.