Other Ways
 to Donate

If you live in Brunswick County...or are visiting...please put a little "jingle" in our donation boxes located at or near the register in various animal-friendly businesses.  Also, please support those businesses that support us. They love animals as much as we do and we want them to succeed, too.

If you know of other businesses that would like to display one of our boxes, please contact us.

You don't have to donate your OWN money--send us someone ELSE'S money (legitimately, of course).  For example:

We're sure you can come up with other ideas, but you get what we mean. Donating does not have to break the bank and it helps in so many ways.

Leave us in your Will. One of the nicest things you can do to continue your legacy of helping animals in need is to leave CHTA in your Will.  Doing so gives you peace of mind that your hard-earned money will go exactly where you want it to go and will benefit local animals. Ask your attorney today about how to add CHTA to your Will.

Join Our Family

$10 Chipmunk

$75 Cheetah

$15 Turtle

$25 Cat

$50 Dog

$35 Racoon

$100 Horse

$250 Bear

$500 Elephant

Help make a positive difference in the lives of animals by becoming a C.H.ee.T.A.h Family Member! We're not the big guys...just the little guys whose mission is to provide help to animals that we KNOW need our help. Become a CHTA family member in one of two ways:
choose your "animal" donation amount from the list below, then click "Add to Cart."
PayPal window will open to safely and securely process your transaction using
             your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or your bank account.

    By mail:
           * send us a check or money order in whatever amount you choose.
              Mail to:
          CHTA, 3108 Oak Dr, Shallotte, NC 28470

We're family, now.

Funded by Your Donations

Our Promise

Really? I think one
 of us is adopted!

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Welfare organization licensed in and by the State of North Carolina. Your donations to CHTA are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We operate solely on donations, receive no state or local funding, do not receive any financial assistance locally from Paws-Ability, and grants have proven to be very difficult to get especially in these financial times. We gratefully accept any amount of donation whether it's from the heart of a child or the generosity of a Philanthropist--and every walk of life in between.

hold a mini-fundraiser (bake sale, car wash, handyman/woman services)--we'll loan you a Donation Box and give you some literature about us (so folks know your fundraiser is legit!)

at your next BBQ, pool party, book club meeting, etc., ask everyone if they would donate a buck--or two--to CHTA to help animals;

donate some (or all if you're feeling generous) of your next yard sale proceeds to CHTA;

ask your kids to donate a portion of their allowance or earnings to teach them that giving to help animals is a good thing;

set up a donation jar in your household (the kids can decorate it with pictures of their favorite animals or pets). Each day, drop your spare change in the jar for donation to CHTA at the end of the month.

Every dollar will be used wisely in support of our mission to help animals live healthier and more humane lives; and, every dollar will stay in and work for local communities!