Lost Pet

"One-Stop" missing pet locator; site is partnered with HSUS


www.lostpetswnc.org (Covers western NC to the Piedmont area). Site has other useful information under "Resources."


www.lostpetcards.com (Site enables you to send out a postcard mailing using their templates. Service is not free.)

What To Do
When You
Find A "Lost" Pet

Notify everyone mentioned above and post flyers as you would if YOUR pet were lost. Check the sites included on this page to see if someone has reported finding your pet. Run an ad in local papers, etc.  We'll also post the found pet's picture on our website for free. If the pet is reunited with the owner, please remove all posters and call those who posted flyers/web posting for you.

A Word About KEEPING a "Found" Pet.  Many of us have done it at some point: found a stray, taken it in and it became a valued part of the family. However, please make EVERY reasonable attempt to locate the "lost" pet's owner before claiming the animal for your own. Most likely the owner is looking for their pet. Don't assume all strays are unowned animals.  

If owners discover you have kept their pet without your being able to show you reasonably tried to locate them, you may end up having to give up the pet and perhaps risk possible prosecution for "stealing." (For better or worse, pets are considered property in NC.)

On the other hand, the person claiming to be the owner must also be able to show reasonable proof that the animal is, indeed, their pet. (Click HERE to go to NC General Statues Chapter 1-3, Article XIV (Redemption) to find out what kind of proof is generally acceptable to authorities.) County ordinances stipulate the owner has 5 days (120 hours) to claim a lost pet at the county facility (another 5 days to show proof of ownership). Please give owners at least that amount of time to see your ad and respond before assuming the animal is unowned. Owners may be out of town and the animal escaped a sitter's watch; or, the owner may have had a medical emergency and is unable to reclaim their pet quickly. Again, don't assume the animal has no owner. Also, requesting proof of ownership prevents Class B dealers from getting someone's "free" pet and selling it to a research lab!

Cat Collar Tip:  Here's how some folks make their own inexpensive, break-away cat collars using plain 3/8" - 1/2" flat, white elastic (the kind made for clothing). 

Measure the cat's neck for a comfortable but secure fit, plus enough to overlap--about 3/8." 

Cut the elastic, then, before glueing the ends together, write your pet's name, your phone number and your vet's phone number on the "collar" using permanent ink. You can add the rabies tag on the collar, too, before gluing/sewing it together (you'll need a ring or "s" hook to attach the tag) or simply write "Rabies Vax Exp (date)" on it. Note: if you add the actual tag to the collar, it will obviously be lost if the collar comes off. Make sure you keep your rabies certification paperwork or get a duplicate from your vet.

Next, overlap the ends of the elastic and glue them together with a washable fabric glue (or stitch together if you're handy).  You may have to use a clothespin or paperclip to hold the ends together while the glue dries (but don't glue the clothespin or paperclip to the collar!).

This "break-away" collar will safely come off if snagged and it can be replaced inexpensively.

Lost  and Found Pets

PETS BECOME LOST ALL THE TIME despite our best efforts! Of course, BEFORE your pet goes missing make sure your pet is MICROCHIPPED and/or has an ID TAG/COLLAR and you have a RECENT PHOTO clearly showing identifiable markings and colors. Such simple things can significantly increase your chances of having your beloved pet returned to you. (Please remember to always use "break-away" collars on cats to avoid the possibility of strangulation or a broken neck if they get hung up in the brush or trees.)

REMEMBER: whenever you advertise lost pets, it's your responsiblity to
make sure you get PROOF OF OWNERSHIP before handing them over
to would-be abusers!





Radio Stations

What To Do
 If Snookums
 Is Lost

Call your neighbors. Many pets don't stray far from home. Repeatedly check their favorite places to roam or hide! Don't assume if they weren't there the first time, they won't be again.

Call local businesses if your pet was lost while you were shopping. Give them the information and a flyer/picture.

Also, call all local vets--not just your own . Someone may have picked up your pet if it was injured and taken your pet to their vet. Click the picture of the vet with the kitty for a list.

Call Brunswick County Sheriff's Animal Protective Services at 754.8204 (and your township animal services authorities if you're not under county jurisdiction) to alert them of the missing pet. (Note: Call BCSAPS DAILY! They do not hold "stray" animals for more than 5 days (120 hours) by law.)

Call local rescue shelters, humane societies, and other local animal organizations, too!
Click the picture of girl at the shelter for a list of local rescues, etc.

Make and post flyers. Give them to everyone you talk to and post them wherever they are allowed. Include a recent photo of your pet, your pet's name, age, sex, color, breed (if known), identifying marks or unique behavioral traits, whether or not your pet was wearing a collar/ID tag or has a microchip, if your pet needs medication or has other health issues, if your pet answers to his/her name when called, if frightened how your pet might react to others, and your pet's favorite food (for enticing them to "come out, come out wherever you are!"). Make sure you include your day and evening phone number, too. Offer a reward if you're able.

Place an ad in the local papers (and watch for ads being placed). Contact area churches and civic organizations. Give them a flyer and ask them to make an announcement during services and meetings. Click the dog bones for a list of local newspapers. Ads can also be placed in Paw Prints Magazine. You can also buy a radio "spot." Click on the tower for a list.

Contact a "Pet Detective or Animal Communicator."  Google "animal communicators"
or contact local communicator, Jean Ussery at 919-649-1253 (Cary, NC). Click the "blue ether" to the left for Jean's website. (Note: a communicator does NOT have to be in close proximity to where you live in order to help you. Choose someone you feel comfortable with for best results.)

Email a picture and info to us and we'll  post your pet free of charge.

IMPORTANT:   Please be courteous. When you FIND YOUR PET, please REMOVE all posters/flyers YOU put up, and call those folks who put up posters/flyers FOR you at their place of business  or placed your pet on their website so they can remove the listing.