Animal Protection Institute/Red Rover
Dogs in Hot Cars (applies to cats, and other pets, too!)
Statistics on safe/not so safe temperatures, windshield flyers, and such.

Cat Info
Vaccinations Know the risks:
Nutrition basics: click on their homepage above

Cesar Millan - Dog Whisperer Nutrition, behavior, care and a "howl" lot more!

Dog Park   Brunswick Area Responsible K-9 Owners (BARK) Dog Park now open at 5550 Main Street, Shallotte, NC, next to the ball park, tennis courts, & recycling center. For more info, call 910.253.7723.
Park will be maintained by the County. (Feb 2010)

Dog Trainers (Brunswick County, NC)
  * SOAR's own Amy VanDyne and Kelly Domingue
  * Canine Academy, Loretta Pyeatt

How FAT is your pet?  Here's a human-pet comparison so you can get an idea of how important it is to keep your pet's weight under control.  A 12# Uorkie is equal to a 218# woman; a 14# domestic short-hair cat is equal to a 237# man; a 90# Laborador Retriever is equal to a 186#, 5'4" woman or a 254#, 5'9" man; a 15# domestic short-hair cat is equal to a 218#, 5'4" woman or a 254# 5'9" man. WOW!

How OLD is your cat?
Cats mature quicker than dogs so the 7 human years for 1 dog-year rule doesn't really work. Cats "age" 15 human years their first year. In 2 years, they're 24 human years old. After that, cats age more slowly so each year is worth only about 4 human years! Life expectancy for an indoor male cat is about 14 years (64-72 human years). Females live a few years longer.  If you have a cat that is 21 years old, that's 100 human years!

Jackson Galaxy-
Cat Behaviorist (Animal Planet: My Cat From Hell)
Learn tips and tricks to satisfy the "wild cat" in your house; also offers Homeopathic remedies for cats

Little Big Cat
Nutrition canned vs dry

Nutrition: Cheap Pet Food
Are You Saving Money?
Maybe not. Cheaper foods (especially dry) often contain fillers that don't have a lot of nutritional value so pets tend to eat more at a meal in order to feel "full" and also tend to eat more often because they're hungry sooner than they should be. If they're eating more food in the long run, you're not saving the money you think you are. In addition, you may be asking for problems like food allergies which many pets have as a result of grains, dyes, preservatives, and proteins. (Did you know? The dyes are there as a marketing gimmick to make US buy the product; i.e., if WE think it looks yummy, our pets will like it.) Choose your pet's food wisely for good health and a fatter wallet.

In doubt? Ask your vet! Here are some websites to get you started:

Cat food:

Dog food:
Raw food--
Note: Dogs are omnivores (they eat meats and veggies).
Cats are obligate carinivores (they eat only meat).

We added this page for odd snippits and tidbits we find that may be useful, interesting, or simply amusing and the information does not have to relate to animal issues. Why? Because we didn't know where else to put stuff like this and it's too good not to share. You may also find "duplicates" of websites already contained in other pages on our site. Listing them again here is just for your convenience--they aren't different.

This page will always be a work in progress, so, check back periodically.   If you know of other reliable sources of good information, interesting sites, etc., we're all ears!

What's This Stuff?

Education and Training

Meds and Products

Joe's Pet Meds (Revolution without an Rx and other health-related products; based in Australia)

for Cats and Dogs (discounted rates and bulk orders)

Vet Shop Online (Revolution without an Rx and other health-related products; based in Australia)

Pet Meds (US based) 

Note about Meds Online:   Before ordering any meds online, check with your vet about matching online prices. Vets are loosing some Rx and flea treatment business to online suppliers and some are willing to match online prices and you don't have to worry about shipping or extended delivery times.

Sani-Moat(TM) Ant Barrier II for pet food/water bowls. A "moat" attaches to a collar which then attaches with an adhesive pad to your pet's food/water bowl. Fill with dishwashing liquid, cooking oil, petroleum jelly, water, windex, or biodegradable lubricants.


American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

Animal Law Coalition (ALC) Great site that tracks animal laws in the US

Greenlands Farm (Bolivia, NC)  Family owned/operated, local farm . They sell organic: produce, meats, baked goods, canned goods, tea, coffee. All-natural eggs and milk and their own  honey. Also sell artisan-made quality gifts and they make their own Goats Milk soap (people and pets) and all-natural laundry detergent.

Humane Society of the United States:  their Home page; Lookup pending animal laws in your state; contact the SE Regional Director

Humane Society of Eastern NC, (no website; email:

Indigo Farms and Indigo Run Farms (Calabash, NC) Family owned/operated, local farm . They sell local produce, baked goods, canned goods, honey. All-natural eggs and other sundry items. Indigo Run is their organic line of produce.

Jean Ussery, Animal Communicator (Cary, NC)

Leaping Bunny/AAVS (Cruelty-Free Products Listing)

Marta Williams, Animal Communicator (California)

Saving Animals During Disaster ( (Carolina Beach, NC)

PetSmart Charities They have a great resource library and also sponsor webinars.

Rude Ranch Animal Rescue (cool cat walks and cubbies)

The Petition Site (Care2 Petition Site) Lists actions you can electronically support to improve animals' lives.

Zeetlegoos Pet and People Store (Southport, NC) They have a great selection of products for pets and people, they're knowledgeable, and very friendly. Their website has a lot of good information on it, so check it out. They have also signed The Humane Society of the United States' "Puppy-Friendly Pet Stores" pledge which assures you they don't support puppy mills and won't sell puppies in their store. They do, however, sponsor a local rescue group, SOAR, who adopts animals from their store. Thank you!

BC Sheriff's Animal Protective Services sponsors rabies vaccination clinics (usually in Spring and Fall) at various local vets' offices. The cost is usually $6 per vaccination, there is no limit on the number of pets (no feral cats or dogs) you can bring, and you can go to any area vet that has contracted with the county to provide this service for them. Contact BCSAPS at 910.754.8204 or 910.754.9261 for more info or if you have a large number of pets or hunting dogs you need vaccinated.  There is a $100 fine for not vaccinating your pets--click HERE to read the ordinance then go to Chapter 1-3, Article XIII Civil Remedies.

Some vet's offices (Capeside Animal Hospital in Leland) and non-profit organizations (Paws-Ability) also sponsor clinics. Contact them for availability.