County officials need to know what's going on with animal issues in their jurisdictions. Make sure you send them a copy of your letters concerning all animal welfare issues, especially those for abuse, neglect, and suspected or known illegal dog- and cockfighting rings.  The County Attorney is listed below.

If you live in an incorporated town, please call your Town Hall, Police, or other department assigned to handle animal services for instructions. If your town has NO animal welfare services, please call the Sheriff's Office at 910.253.2777 or 911 for instructions.

One caveat:  if the animal issue has to do with suspected RABID animals, call Brunswick County Sheriff's Animal Protective Services (BCSAPS) at 910.754.8204, 910.754.9261, or email them. They handle rabies calls for all citizens of Brunswick County whether or not they live in a township.

Those who live in UNincorporated areas of the county, please call BCSAPS for any animal issue including abuse, neglect, and suspected or known illegal dog- or cockfighting.

One caveat:  for pickup of dead animals along the road,
please call DOT at 910.754.6527.

Funding for animal care at our County Facility is often the last priority in our county budget! When voicing concerns about animal welfare, please include your town council members, mayor, county officials, and the county attorney.
If appropriate, copy the NC Dept. of Agriculture (see below).

Who to Call

This office is tasked with implementing state animal laws. It is important that you include them in any correspondence about rules compliance. They can also help explain the laws currently on the books. If you have questions about how those laws are being followed--or not--contact this office. 

To Find Your NC Legislators, click HERE

Huey Marshall, County Attorney
PO Box 249, Bolivia, NC 28422
Phone: 910.253.2000; Fax 910.253.2008

Note:  All residents of a Property or Homeowners Association should  check with their Association before calling their town or the county as there may already be regulations established to handle animal situations. If not, call the appropriate town or city authorities.

To Find BC Elected Town Officials, click HERE

County Officials

NC Legislators

State Animal Welfare Office

Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
Lee Hunter, DMV, MPH
Director, Animal Welfare Section, Veterinary Division
1030 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1030

Ph: 919.733.3410; Fax 919.733.9555
Website:   Select "Animal Welfare Programs"

Towns & Cities

County Area

All county residents: call Brunsick County Sheriff's Animal Protetive Services at 910.754.8204, 910.754.9261, or email them to report suspected or witnessed activity anywhere in Brunswick County. Also report suspected dog- or cockfighting rings to the Humane Society of the United States by clicking HERE or call them at 202.452.1100. HSUS offers a $5,000 REWARD for information leading to a conviction and they track the offenders across state lines so abusers can't escape eventual capture!

For rehab of injured small mammals and birds, call Sea Biscuit Wildlife Rescue (Oak Island, NC)
at 910.294.2555 or 910.278.7871; email  or on the web at You may also call SC-CARES, a no-kill, no-breed exotic animal rescue (Georgetown, SC) at 843.546.7893; email or on the web at

For other injured wildlife, call your local Town Hall, Police Dept., Sheriff's Office, or BCSAPS for instructions.

Cock Fights

Injured Wildlife & Exotic Animal

Who to call regarding animal services (such as animals running loose, nuisance animals, suspected rabid animals, injured animals, animal neglect or cruelty issues, puppy mills, dog- or cockfighting) in Brunswick County, NC, depends upon whether or not you live in an incorporated or an UNincorporated part of the County. Why? Because incorporated towns, cities, and municipalities generally have their own regulations and implement them on their own.

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Sometimes a little extra help may be needed to bring attention to animal issues. Don't hesitate to call local newspaper (or radio stations). They can be invaluable when a wrong needs to be righted.  Listed below are the four major newspapers in our area.  Search other area newspapers by clicking the newspaper. Find local radio stations by clicking the radio tower.

Name Change:
BC Animal Services is now
BC Sheriff's Animal Protective Services (BCSAPS).
We look forward to good things for the animals in the future!