Our Wish List

* Spaying/neutering
* Special, one-time medical needs
* Heartworm testing/treatment (rescued pets)
* Rabies & Distemper vaccinations
      (at time of spay/neuter only)
* First time visit to vet (rescued/fostered pets)

Flea & Tick Control
* Flea/tick repellents (topical for dogs & cats)
* Capstar tablets

Your monetary donation will help us with provide these services for animals in need:

Why are we asking for monetary donations instead of the physical items themselves?
We do not have a lot of storage space and some of the items with short expiration dates may expire before they're used so we purchase them as we need them.

* Food
* Shelter (houses, tarps, straw)
* Dog crates and cat carriers
* Materials for repairs to fences, dog houses
* Humane traps (Tomahawk)

Note: these and other services we provide are for individals only, not other organizations.

A Sample Project

These two adult shepherds (one male, one female) who love to play together had to be kept apart because they were not spayed or neutered. Once they were sterilized, they could once again be together and share a common, larger area.

CHTA's volunteers removed the interior barrier between them, refurbished the fencing, and extended their living quarters. A tarp was placed over top of the space to protect them from sun and rain. It's difficult to see from the picture; but, now they can romp and play together safely in their new "digs."